Tüpraş is the Largest Industrial Company in Turkey

Tupras Trading UK was initially established in 2018 as a London branch of Türkiye Petrol Rafinerileri A.Ş. “Tüpraş”. In 2020, the company was registered as Tupras Trading Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tüpraş.

Tupras Trading Ltd started its activities as a London based trading entity in March 2019, with the main purpose of raising Tüpraş’s commercial competencies in evaluating market opportunities and creating additional value from asset-backed trading. Since inception, the trading entity has positively contributed to the Group’s performance and scaled the business in the areas of spot crude oil supply and trading of products (predominantly fuel oil, light and middle distillates).

Tupras Trading Ltd: Exchange and OTC Based Derivatives

As of December 2021, Tupras also started to carry out Exchange and OTC based derivatives transactions aimed at managing price risk through Tupras Trading Ltd

The oil industry has come under tremendous pressure in recent years due to various global crises, leading to unprecedented market volatility, supply and logistical constraints, re-shaping of trade flows, tightening of credit and availability of financing.

During these challenging periods the primary focus has been the optimization of the Tüpraş refinery system with the commercial flexibility provided by Tupras Trading Ltd.  Strategies involving blending, storage (on land and at sea), freight optimization and geographical arbitrage were pursued to take advantage of market opportunities.